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Alberto Falcone Huggables – Lovely Characters DVD #41038

Alberto Falcone Huggables – Lovely Characters DVD #41038

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This easy technique created by Alberto, which won prizes at the Los Angeles Twist & Shout and Florence BACI balloon conventions in 2009, is as appealing as the fascinating figures you are able to create using it.
After watching this DVD you will have no problems composing amazing animal and human figures!
Running time: 154 Minutes


  • Cuddly Elephant
  • Friendly Mammoth
  • Grumpy Gorilla
  • Colorful Fish
  • Fire-Breathing Dragon & Sauropod
  • Floppy-Eared Rabbit
  • Mr. & Mrs. Love Dove
  • Smiling Bridegroom
  • Happy Bride
  • Successful Graduate
  • Lucky Fisherman
  • Pierrot The French Clown

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