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Chopper Cycle

Chopper Cycle

$17.34 $19.07



Enough Balloons to make TWO of these motorcycles.

Video tutorial can be purchased here

Balloon Blast – Chopper Cycle

You know his work from the Movie Star Race Car, Ninja Turtle Costume, and Monkey videos. Now Sam Cremeens brings you the Balloon Blast Choppercycle!

This is the figure that got Sam a $100 tip for 30 minutes of twisting in a Nashville biker bar!

Calling upon his real life motorcycle building and riding experience, Sam guides you through the construction of this awesome bike using real world motorcycle terms and illustration! Perfect for deliverable, decor, or a special balloon for a special day, this bike is big, burly and sure to bring out the “inner biker” of all who see it!


  • 27 Gray 260s
  • 9 Yellow 260s
  • 1 Red 260
  • 6 Black 260s
  • 1 Yellow 350/360
  • 1 6″ White Heart
  • 1 5″ White Round or Top Print Eyeball
  • 2 Onyx Black 321s
  • 2 Onyx Black 16″ Geo Donuts
  • 1 Dr Bonez Print Round (optional)

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Weight .350 kg