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Cody Williams – Zero to Pro series – 2 DVDs

Cody Williams – Zero to Pro series – 2 DVDs

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WOW! this is a product I have been waiting for. Over 4 hours of instruction with a progression from complete beginner to a point where one could confidently book oneself out as a professional twister.

From Cody

An introduction:
I first filmed this series as an instructional video for artists I work with to teach them from Zero experience, to twistingProfessionally side by side with me. If you watch this video an hour a day, make every shape 1-3 times you will be able to finish this training course in less than 2 weeks becoming a professional balloon artist. Or if you are already an experienced balloon artist this is a great refresher course on techniques, as well as adding 50+ shapes to your arsenal of designs to offer your clients.
I heavily debated making this project because as another artist said “Its Dangerous…” with this DVD anyone is your competition and I am giving away my edge to anyone who wants to work professionally as a balloon twister.
This DVD will pave the way to an upcoming project “Balloon Flair: Air on Fire” which will not teach a single shape, just tricks. Several techniques I was saving for this future project were given early in this series, so that this DVD does not just teach you how and what to twist, but also touches the realm of how to create patter and look a little flashy while you twist.


Some FAQs

How long is it?
Together the run time is almost 4 hours. The first DVD 95min. The second is 138min

Are you teaching all the shapes on the cover?
And then some =). I am in depth teaching every shape on the cover, plus more variations and ideas within the DVD series. You will notice on the second insert there are a few advanced designs. Between what you learn on this DVD and my YouTube channel, I would like to challenge you to recreate them and tag me in your posts =).

Are you going as fast as you tend to on YouTube?
I am pleased and sorry to say no. Most of my YouTube viewers appreciate that I don’t redundantly go over basic techniques in every video and makes it more seamless and fun to twist along, and of course there is always pause. HOWEVER! Newer artists struggle when just watching one later on tutorial on YouTube and no one wants a frustrating learning environment.
This video is very in depth on every technique and DVD 1 starts with going over all the techniques you are going to be using in this series. There has been WONDERFUL feedback on speed and effective learning communication. If you want to watch my free YouTube tutorials for other twisters and the pace is a little to fast, please purchase this DVD and you will never have that problem again =)

Are these all new designs, some look recycled?
There are a couple (out of the 50+) repeats of my favorite designs that I filmed in the past at “YouTube speed”. Over 90% of the material is not on my channel and is filmed with the student in mind, meaning its very in depth and easy to follow.

Did you keep out the tangents and patter?
Not possible, but its kept VERY professional and patter is left in for viewer to use in their own performances.

I don’t understand the purpose of the Venn diagram disc one insert?
This is meant to be a tool for you to take out and use at events and gigs. This is a small and condensed list to show  guests as options they can choose from for you to twist for them.
Pink for Girls
Blue for Boys
Purple for Generic/Animals

Is there a list of all the balloons needed?
Sorry to say but no. Mostly because there are sections of just breaking balloons and learning techniques with balloons that can be any color or even size. Also when teaching concepts such as superheroes or princesses, we show various hairstyles and body types that can be vastly altered.

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