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Jumbo Monkey

Jumbo Monkey

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Design By David Brenion off the download Jumbos – available here  You will need to buy the instructions for this sculpture 

Please note we might substitute some colours due to availability of stock – especially for the bases of these sculptures. If you have specific colours you need, please specify in the notes.


Design By David Brenion off the DVD Jumbos

Enough balloons to make TWO of these sculptures.


Pack contains double the balloons in the following list – you will still need to get a bead to secure the 3ft round and a base plate. 


Pole Cover
1x 646Q Lime Green
1x 350Q Lime Green
4x 16″ Round Lime Green
4x 16″ Round Green
4x 16″ Round Mocha
1x 36″ Round Blush
2x 350Q Blush
1x 16″ Round Blush
1x 646Q Mocha
3x 350Q Mocha
1x 646Q Blush
1x 350Q Blush
2x 5″ Round White
2x 5″ Round Black
1x 5″ Round Red
2x 11″ Round Blush
1x 260Q Blush
5x 350Q Mocha
2x 350Q Blush
2x 5″ Round Mocha

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Weight .45 kg