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Matt Falloon’s OCD – DVD #17615

Matt Falloon’s OCD – DVD #17615

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Matt Falloon has been twisting balloons for more than half of his life, and wants to share with you, ten of his favourite creations.


1.       Butterfly / Bumblebee (funky 321 sculptures)

2.       Sheep                                   (uses geos in a cool way)

3.       Football hat                        (Check out how he makes the ball!)

4.       Elephant / Mammoth    (The obligatory quick-link sculpture)

5.       Dolphin                                                (Dolphins are hard to make well, but I like this one)

6.       Pig                                          (Use a mousehead like never before)

7.       Seahorse                             (How’s your hook twist?)

8.       Unicorn                                                (OMG, the horn!)

9.       Puppy                                   (Double frumple… You’re welcome)

10.   Hamster                               (You’ll need dental records to recognise this geo)


+ a special bonus sculpture

“Honestly it takes a lot for me to be really impressed with a balloon sculpture. Often we see the same old methods tweaked just enough to call it original and then pushed to the market. With Matt Falloon’s work that has never been the case.”

“These are original and fresh ideas, packaged with incredible clarity of instruction. As I watched I was amazed to see the little tips Matt gives throughout. Although I secretly wish I could keep all these designs to myself, I have to recommend this to everyone wanting to really go forward with balloons.”


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But hey, give it a go anyway, you’ll probably surprise yourself!

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