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Matt Falloon’s PICOS DVD #27323

Matt Falloon’s PICOS DVD #27323

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“Make your sculptures HUGE for MAXIMUM IMPACT!!!”
…oh really…
is that what we’ve come to?
Is the art of subtlety truly lost?
Rediscover the minimal with Matt Falloon’s tiny Pico sculptures
Ideal for: 
the shy kids 
the mums (or moms)
the cynical teenage siblings
or anyone for whom a giant wacky hat may not be appropriate
On this DVD:
Tiny Turtle
Cutie Crab
Shrimpy Spider
Micro Mouse
Fiddly Fly
Puny Penguin
Scrappy Snail
Mini Minecraft
Itty Bitty Kitty
Teensy Teddy
Extra Ideas
Bonus Pico with Extra Special Guest!

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