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Melissa Vinson Charming Centrepieces DVD

Melissa Vinson Charming Centrepieces DVD

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Charming Centerpieces

Looking for that perfect way to coordinate with your room decor? Two-time Designer of the Year, Melissa Rhea Vinson, CBA, has centerpieces that will put the final touch on any event.

In this DVD, Melissa will show you how to create captivating centerpieces, several of which coordinate with designs shown on her previous titles, “Darling Dance Floors” and “Elegant Entrances”. In all, ten designs are showcased which are sure to amaze your clients.

Skill level: All

Running Time – 90 Minutes

DVD includes an outtakes segment
Elegant Feathers
Ascending Elegance
Crowning Glory
Party Bubbles
Floral Delight
Swirly Que
Lacey Link
Filigree Fantasy
In Suspense
Celestial Dreams

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