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Steven Jones HELP! I’m Allergic to Twisting DVD


Steven Jones HELP! I’m Allergic to Twisting DVD

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HELP! I’m Allergic to Twisting!


Are you a “stacker” who wants to learn some basic twisting techniques but just can’t get the hang of it? Are you looking to expand your talents beyond simple decor into the world of unlimited possibilities? Do you want to make more money with your decor? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, then this video might just be for you!

Over the course of this video, Steven Jones will guide you through the essential mechanics of non-round balloons. You’ll not only learn techniques, but at least ten practical and SELLABLE accents which you can use to enhance your basic decor jobs. So break out of your comfort zone and break out those 260s!

Featuring the following segments:
Non Round Basics
Fold Twist
Pinch Twist
Tulip Twist
Raisin Twist
Distortion Effects
Braiding Techniques
Lovebird Topiary
Hot Peppers
Corn Cob
Dollar Sign
Candy Cane

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