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Belt Cutter Replaceable Blade – 2021 Version

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In stock

In stock

This is the latest iteration of these amazing tools by Matt Falloon – stronger! better! faster?


Wide range of colours – not all in stock at all times so please give us a few choices in the notes.


Sold without blades due to Australian laws.

US customers please note – these are available from Continental sales over there. Please order directly from Lorinda unless you are ordering a bunch of other stuff from me.

Introducing a new take on an old concept!

I have used pretty much every type of cutter over the course of my career, and all of them suffer from the same problem….

Single use!

The blade isn’t replaceable!

Once it’s blunt, it’s thrown away and you buy a new one.

This is a significant yearly investment for someone who cuts as many balloons as I do!

Disposable cutters always seemed so wasteful, and I’m always looking for a better way to do things.
So, introducing a brand new product for the balloon entertainer market!

I have collaborated with working balloon artists, to create the last belt cutter you’ll ever need to buy!

The Belt Bayonet uses a standard paint scraper blade as a cutting edge, these blades sell in major hardware chains for as little as 40 cents each!
It is made from durable ABS plastic (the same material as LEGO), has a childproof latch and is available in a wide variety of colours.

The blade enclosure is cleverly designed to expose only enough of the blade as is necessary, the possibility of little fingers venturing to the sharp edge is next to none!
When the blade is blunt, before replacing it, you can reverse it in the housing exposing a brand new cutting edge! that’s right, two uses per blade!

The cutting movement has also been improved significantly over traditional belt cutters.
Rather than yanking the balloon down onto an upwards blade, the cutter’s aperture opens outwards, meaning that you now pull the balloon towards yourself to cut.
This reduces wear and tear on your belt or costume, and also makes an accidental cut to the shirt (or seat-belt!) far less likely.

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